Treasure Chests

Reid Brothers has developed this range around one beautifully crafted and highly versatile two drawer chest. The proportions are elegant, the details fine and sophisticated, the function purposeful and fascinating. Place one Treasure Chest on a tall stand for an elegant Hall Stand or Dressing
Table or in the case of the 'Liberty' range, a truly spectacular stand-alone piece of furniture.Two chests end to end on a plinth can be a useful set of storage drawers - add a glass top to create a coffee table; or add upholstery to create The Settle. Add three or more chests and you create a modern day Wellington Chest.
Across this range, any drawer can be equipped with a combination of standardised components, enabling it to serve a specific function; as a Jewellery Box, a Cutlery Canteen, a Document Box. Change your needs and the drawer interior can very quickly be rearranged to accommodate men's apparel or become a whimsical Treasure Chest.